About Melanated Healers Collection

Melanated Healers are Essential

The presence and contributions of BIPOC mental health professionals in serving our communities are essential.

We see you.
We honor you.
We celebrate you.

Check out our apparel line to support your visibility as you create healing spaces and improve the conditions of individuals, communities, and institutions.


Defining a Place in Mental Health 

These symbols are widely believed to represent psychology, psychiatry, and sometimes parapsychology. As a profession or field of study, much of what we know about mental health is developed from Western European Colonial beliefs and practices around well-being and disorder. However, we know that healing doesn't always take a reductionist, linear approach; just as we know that healers don't always look like the recognized founders and forefathers of the profession. With our Melanating Mental Health, Psychology, and Counseling designs, we are proclaiming that the historic and present-day wisdom of BIPOC folk is vital to the practice of mental health.

Colors - Pan African
Triangle - Strength, revelation, and change